Does AgChemical.com® guarantee the product?

AgChemical.com guarantees that the product purchased from our website will arrive in the original manufacturer packaging, all seals in place, and free from damage. All products will be current material. If you receive product that is not to your satisfaction in terms of age, condition or damage as a result of transportation, AgChemical.com will replace the product to your satisfaction.

How will the product that I purchase be shipped to me?

AgChemical.com has tariff’s with most major motor freight carriers in the country. Products will be shipped on carriers at our discretion based on timing and location of product destination. All merchandise is insured until the items are unloaded at your location. Any damages that result from shipping will be handled directly through AgChemical.com. AgChemical.com will be responsible for all freight claims and product replacement in the unfortunate and unlikely event of damage during shipping. Our customer service department will coordinate tracking of shipments, monitoring of unfavorable shipping climates, appointments, etc.

Does AgChemical.com® verify dealer and applicator licensing information?

AgChemical.com requires that all dealers and/or applicators provide us with the proper licensing information required by their particular state. In accordance with federal, state, and local regulations, AgChemical.com is licensed as a restricted use pesticide dealer in forty-five states. This ensures that AgChemical.com can legally sell restricted use and general use pesticides to dealers and growers. All transactions will be made available to each individual state as required by their respective regulators.

Will I be eligible to receive the manufacturers rebates?

AgChemical.com does not participate in rebate or points programs with the manufacturers. The goal of our website is to provide agricultural chemicals at a discounted price. AgChemical.com discounts products in advance. Our success has stemmed from ability to reduce the confusion in purchasing crop inputs. AgChemical.com encourages purchasers to apply for the rebates and points, but it is the responsibility of the purchaser and the manufacturer to agree if a product purchased through AgChemical.com will qualify for a rebate or points.

What payment options does agchemical.com® offer?

Payment for product purchased through AgChemical.com can be made as follows:

  1. Electronic ACH funds transfer upon delivery of product.
  2. Customer-initiated wire transfer of funds.
  3. Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard or American Express
Does AgChemical.com® guarantee the product performance?

Product performance should be handled directly with the manufacturer. The manufacturers guarantee and stand behind the performance of their products. AgChemical.com is not responsible for the product performance. The manufacturer is. Therefore, when choosing your products, the manufacturer and its reputation should be considered. The manufacturers goal should be to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the product. Remember, AgChemical.com can only guarantee that the product shipped will arrive in the original manufacturers packaging, free from damage and that the product will be current material. Performance issues are not the responsibility of AgChemical.com.

Does AgChemical.com® offer inventory protection?

AgChemical.com does not offer inventory protection. If product is left over after the season, it is the responsibility of the buyer, not AgChemical. Please keep this in mind when calculating your usage requirements. However, AgChemical.com will assist in re-marketing and selling any excess product.

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