Atrazine 4L 2×2.5gal.

Product packaged in 2x2.5gal. Pricing is per case.

Description of Atrazine Liquid Herbicide

Atrazine Liquid Herbicide is a widely used agricultural herbicide known for its effectiveness in controlling a broad spectrum of weeds in various crops. This herbicide is formulated as a liquid concentrate, making it easy to mix and apply, and it plays a vital role in weed management and crop protection.

Key Features:

  1. Selective Herbicide: Atrazine is a selective herbicide, primarily used in crops such as corn, sorghum, sugarcane, and other agricultural crops, effectively targeting and controlling specific weed species while leaving the desirable crops unharmed.
  2. Broad Spectrum Control: Atrazine is known for its versatility in controlling a wide range of annual and perennial weeds, including broadleaf weeds and grasses. It is particularly effective against tough-to-control species like pigweed, foxtail, and lambsquarters.
  3. Systemic Action: This herbicide is absorbed by both the roots and foliage of the targeted weeds. It disrupts the photosynthesis process, inhibiting the growth and development of unwanted plants, ultimately leading to their death.
  4. Liquid Formulation: Atrazine is available in a liquid form, typically as an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) or suspension concentrate (SC). This liquid format allows for easy mixing and application using various equipment, such as sprayers or irrigations systems.
  5. Residual Activity: Atrazine has the added benefit of providing residual weed control. It can remain active in the soil for a period, preventing weed re-emergence and ensuring longer-lasting weed suppression.
  6. Rainfastness: Once applied and absorbed by the plants, Atrazine exhibits good rainfastness, meaning it remains effective even after light rain or dew.
  7. Weed Resistance Management: To prevent the development of herbicide-resistant weed populations, it is essential to use Atrazine in conjunction with integrated weed management practices, such as crop rotation and tank mixtures with other herbicides.
  8. Application Timing: Proper timing is crucial when using Atrazine to maximize its efficacy. Pre-emergence and early post-emergence applications are common strategies, allowing it to target weeds at their most vulnerable stages.
  9. Environmental Considerations: Atrazine Liquid Herbicide should be used in strict accordance with label instructions and local regulations to minimize environmental impact and potential runoff into water bodies.
  10. Professional Guidance: Farmers and agricultural professionals are encouraged to seek guidance from local extension services and agronomists to ensure proper application, dosage, and timing

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