Packaged in quart bottles.  6x1qt. per case.

Aim® and comparable products are broad-spectrum herbicide renowned for its effectiveness in controlling a wide range of weeds in various agricultural and non-crop settings. The active ingredient in Aim® is carfentrazone-ethyl, a powerful herbicidal compound that disrupts the growth processes of targeted plants. Aim® is particularly valued for its quick and efficient action, delivering visible results shortly after application.

This herbicide is highly versatile, proving effective against both broadleaf and grassy weeds. It is commonly used in crops such as soybeans, cotton, and peanuts, as well as in orchards and vineyards. Aim is appreciated for its selectivity, allowing it to target unwanted vegetation while leaving desired crops largely unaffected.

One notable feature of Aim® is its low use rate, making it a cost-effective solution for weed control. Its formulation often includes advanced adjuvants to enhance performance and ensure optimal absorption by target plants. Aim® is typically applied through foliar spray, and its rapid absorption into plant tissues contributes to its quick and reliable results.

Farmers and agricultural professionals appreciate Aim® for its convenience, effectiveness, and ability to manage challenging weed populations. As with any herbicide, users should carefully follow application guidelines and safety precautions to maximize efficacy while minimizing environmental impact.


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