Clethodim 2E

180gal. Pallet 2x2.5gal.

Clethodim is a widely used post-emergence herbicide known for its effectiveness in controlling grassy weeds in a variety of crops. Clethodim works by inhibiting the growth of grassy weeds, making it a valuable tool in agriculture.

Key features of clethodim include its selective nature, as it primarily targets grassy weeds, while leaving broadleaf plants largely unaffected.  This selectivity makes it an important herbicide for protecting crops like soybeans, cotton, peanuts, and sunflowers.  Growers typically apply it as a spray to the foliage of the target weeds, where it is absorbed and translocated within the plant, eventually causing the weeds to die off.

When used properly and following recommended guidelines, clethodim can help improve crop yields by effectively managing grassy weed infestations, contributing to successful and sustainable agricultural practices.

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