Glufosinate 280SL

265gal. Tote

Glufosinate is a widely used herbicide with a broad spectrum of activity, making it effective in controlling a wide range of weeds in agricultural and non-agricultural settings. This herbicide is known for its unique mode of action and its ability to manage both grassy and broadleaf weeds.

Key features of glufosinate include its non-selective nature, meaning it can be used to control a wide variety of weeds without preference for specific plant types. This versatility has made it a valuable tool in various applications, including crop production, orchards, vineyards, and non-crop areas.

Glufosinate is available in various formulations, including liquid concentrates and water-soluble powder formulations. It is typically applied as a foliar spray, directly targeting the leaves and foliage of the weeds. Upon contact, glufosinate disrupts the photosynthesis process in the plant, ultimately leading to its demise.

One of the significant advantages of glufosinate is its relatively short residual activity in the soil, reducing the risk of carryover damage to subsequent crops. When used following recommended guidelines, glufosinate can be an effective and flexible tool for weed control, contributing to successful weed management practices across a wide range of agricultural and non-agricultural settings.


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