Metolachlor Safened

265gal. Tote


Safened metolachlor is a herbicide widely utilized in agriculture, known for its efficacy in controlling various annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds while incorporating additional safety measures for crops. This herbicide is part of the chloroacetanilide class.

One of the standout features of safened metolachlor is its ability to establish a protective barrier in the soil, preventing weed seedlings from taking root, and thus ensuring minimal impact on the crops it safeguards. It is predominantly used in crops like corn, soybeans, cotton, and sorghum.

When applied to the soil, safened metolachlor is absorbed by weed seedlings as they germinate and grow, impeding their development without compromising the safety of the associated crops.

By adhering to recommended guidelines, safened metolachlor aids farmers in effective weed management while enhancing crop protection, ultimately supporting higher yields by reducing the detrimental effects of weed competition. It plays a vital role in sustainable agriculture practices.


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