Flumioxazin 51 WDG


Flumioxazin is a widely used herbicide known for its effectiveness in controlling a broad spectrum of weeds in various agricultural and non-crop settings. As an herbicidal active ingredient, flumioxazin belongs to the group of chemicals known as pyridinediones. It is recognized for its pre-emergence and post-emergence control of both broadleaf and certain grassy weeds.

One notable feature of flumioxazin is its residual activity, providing prolonged control against weeds by inhibiting their germination and growth. This characteristic makes it particularly valuable in no-till and minimum-till cropping systems, as well as in orchards, vineyards, and other perennial crops.

Flumioxazin is often utilized to control weeds in soybeans, peanuts, cotton, and various specialty crops. It is appreciated for its versatility, as it can be applied before or after the emergence of weeds, offering flexibility in weed management programs.

The herbicide is typically applied as a liquid formulation and can be used as a soil treatment or foliar spray. It is known for its compatibility with other herbicides, allowing for tank mixing to create comprehensive weed control solutions.

Farmers and agricultural professionals rely on flumioxazin to manage challenging weed populations and enhance overall crop yield. Like any herbicide, it is essential to follow recommended application rates, timing, and safety guidelines to maximize efficacy while minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, users should be aware of any specific crop restrictions and adhere to regulatory requirements for the proper and responsible use of flumioxazin.


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